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Glamurous and Sassy Chickz Read House Rules Before Posting!
April 17, 2021, 02:40:15 am
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News: Welcome to Glamurous And Sassy Chikz.. Hope you will enjoy here!!
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226  Glamurous and Hot / Music Time! / Re: My Chemical Romance on: January 26, 2008, 10:13:50 pm
rock of course! i love it.. Smiley they have a very cute song...
227  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / FRIENDSHIP! / Re: []♥Precious "Y0u don't really know who I am But you will!"♥[] on: January 26, 2008, 10:11:47 pm
of course you can be my friend.. i just posted in your thread!
228  Creative Chickz / Game Games Gamess!! / Count To a Million [from tg board!] STRIKE ONE! *TWO MORE CHANCES* on: January 26, 2008, 10:08:32 pm
Please dont spam para mareach natin yung one million.   

okay i'll start

229  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / FRIENDSHIP! / Re: ~*♥Life is Hard♥*~~*♥Idelyn's Thread(drop by)♥*~ on: January 26, 2008, 09:39:10 pm
hi! can you be my friend?? lol... hehehe
230  Creative Chickz / Sassy RolePlay! / Re: Simply Ashley Magazine on: January 26, 2008, 08:52:04 pm
♥Appie Form♥
Name: Merz
Username: cUtiE143
Job: Model
If you want to be a model,please give the URL of your picture:  ^_^ my pic

totally accepted! thanks for joining!
231  Creative Chickz / Sassy RolePlay! / Simply Ashley Magazine on: January 25, 2008, 11:38:34 pm
Hey!Welcome to Simply Ashley Magazine!You may join because we have lot's of slots.

Pershy- The Owner

[The one that manages everything]

[The one that checks the mag for any mistakes]






[the one that interview people for the mag]

Article Writer





[The one that writes articles for the mag]


- Myrtle





[The one that's Models for the mag]

Graphic Maker-
[the one who makes some logos for each pages]

Mag Designer





[The one that designs the mag,oh,and all of the mag designers will have turns]

Page Designer







[The one that designs the pages]

Picture Finder




[The one that find's the pic]

♥Appie Form♥
If you want to be a model,please give the URL of your picture
232  Glamurous and Hot / Channel Mania / Kapamilya o Kapuso Thread! on: January 25, 2008, 11:36:09 pm
Kapamilya kayo or kapuso...

what did you pick and why?


CERTIFIED Kapailya ako.. so there is no reason na negative reactions ang ishashare ko tungkol sa ABSCBN!!

share your opinion please
233  Glamurous and Hot / Channel Mania / Channel Chat Reminders! on: January 25, 2008, 11:25:01 pm

We have House Rules here. So Please Follow them.

Please look for the thread or topic you want to talk about first before creating your own thread.

It's hard to merge so please have some patience.

Please don't flame a show. Or insult it. We all have our own opinions.

But if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

Please post properly. Please dop not post using shortcuts or text language or Sticky Caps. We get headaches trying to fix posts.

So Please Keep In Mind These Reminders!

Have fun posting !

234  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / FRIENDSHIP! / []♥Precious "Y0u don't really know who I am But you will!"♥[] on: January 25, 2008, 11:14:36 pm
Hi Welcome To my Official Threadie

Well, if you don't know me im Precious Grace you can also call me Preshy!

FullName:Precious Grace M. Brazil

B-day: March 28,1996

Nickname: Preshy, Presh

-something good, internet good grades

-criminal, mabaho, bastos, uhm.. di na pwdeng kainin.. yayk!!

Please Be in My Friend List

◘ Ahnne
◘ Idelyn
◘ Myrtle
◘ Rofley
◘ Michiko
◘ Clarisse
◘ --??--
◘ --??--
◘ --??--
◘ --??--
I'll add more...

♥[]My Pics[]♥

My cutie pic
Me myself and I
Mataray gurl..
===========coming more soon================

235  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / Board Rules/Frequently Asked Questions / [♥]GSChickz House Rules[♥] on: January 25, 2008, 11:11:50 pm

GSChickz House Rules
By Preshy(Our OnLine Forum Administrator)

1. Remember the maximum size of your avatar should be 75x75 pixels and your signature image should not be more than 500x100 pixels in dimension. Please remember, you will only be allowed to put ONE image on your signature.

2. No bashing of schools or persons. This means:

- mention of any schools by individuals
- mention of names of private individuals*
- explicitly calling other people foul names

*Any mention at all of names of private individuals is not allowed.

3. Stay safe! Don't tell anyone your phone number or address, or other personal information such as your Friendster or MySpace profile (or any other similar site. You may ask other member's contact infos through PM's.)

4. Keep everything kid-friendly. This covers text, images and choice of user name.

5. Posting of images are not allowed. You can just post the link of the image so that people can just click on it if they want to see the picture.

6. No posts made to insult others. Complaints should be posted in the Questions & Suggestions board or addressed to the moderators.

7. If someone's giving you a hard time, whether on the boards or through PM, tell the moderators. The member will be given a warning through PM and his/her activities in the GSChickz Board will be limited. If the member persists, he/she shall be banned.

8. Spamming is not allowed. Don't post just to increase your rank. Make sure you have something new to share with everyone, or an idea you want to talk about, when you reply. What are spam messages or topics?

- Spam messages are composed of less than 5 words. Examples may be "I agree," "Yes," "Woohoo," "Good Idea," "Good Work," "Hello (name)!" etc. You can reply with these phrases, but include why you agree or disagree so your post won't be a waste.
- Spam messages does not have any substance or significance.
- Spam messages are not related to the topic.
- Spam threads are filled with unnecessary posts.
- Spam threads going on for years doesn't mean that it is "excluded" from the house rules.
- Spam threads having 50+ pages doesn't mean that it is "excluded" from the house rules.

9. Keep your posts where they belong! For example, if you want to talk about books, go to the Book Lovers board. If you want to talk about sports, go to The Gym. Mixing up topics makes things confusing.

10. (a.) Please make sure your posts stay on-topic. If everybody's talking about Harry Potter in one thread, talk about Harry Potter and nothing else. Off-topic posts shall be moved to the correct sections or deleted.

(b.) Do not start threads dealing with a topic already being discussed. If you see that there's already a Harry Potter topic, for example, post all your HP questions or comments there instead of starting a new thread.

11. No double-posting. If you posted something and no one's replied to it yet, you can use the EDIT function to add to or subtract from your post. Don't post it again and again or reply and say that no one's answering your question.

12. Do not use shortcuts or text language and sticky caps (aS In tLknG lYk DiS) because it's much harder to read and understand. Use proper grammar and spelling. Unlike in mobile phones, we don't have a character limit here so you don't have to use shortcuts.

13. Make sure your posts are original. Don't steal anything from other sites or message boards--that's plagiarism and is actually against the law. If you're going to use anything written by other people, make sure you quote them and tell us where you got it.

14. Clubs or any organizations is not allowed. We're already a big community here!

15. Most importantly, please be nice to each other. We're here to make friends and have fun!

Please Enjoy Your Stay at the GSChickz Board! Thank You!
236  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / Forum Announments!!! / WANTED MODERATORS.. 2 mods nalang.. on: January 25, 2008, 11:05:29 pm
Glamurous and Sassy Chickz  is needing an Jr. Moderator and Sr. Moderator

JR. MODERATOR - AT THE TWEEN AGE (11-12 YR. OLD) - needing  1
= katie_minami
= machiko_gojo
= ??

= AJ_12
= idelyn_202
= ??

Administrator [full]
= Web Master Cutie
= myrtle
= Clarisse

Anti- Violator Spy Girl (FULL)

pagnaka correct ng anim ay qualified at yung magaaply ay dapat wala pang violations!
237  Must Read Must Post Must Reply / Board Rules/Frequently Asked Questions / Rank Position on: January 25, 2008, 11:02:54 pm
Here is it...

POSITION                       POSTS

New Sassy Chick ~♥~ 0-49 posts

Jr. Sassy Chick ~♥~ 50-99 posts

Girly Chick ~♥~100 -249 posts
Jr. Girly Chick ~♥~ 250- 499 posts
Fabulous Princess ~♥~ 500- 599 
Fabulous Queen ~♥~ 1000 - infinity
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